Agricultural Capabilities

Fluid & Earth Concrete & Civil Constructions has partnered with farmers in the chicken, cattle, and pig farming sectors to build large scale commercial sheds and slabs, and smaller scale silo and residential concrete and earthworks applications.

Working in remote locations is our specialty and our expert team of professionals backed by the necessary plant, equipment, and equipped sea containers, means we are fully self-reliant and capable of executing projects in an agricultural setting.

Earthworks Capabilities

At Fluid & Earth Concrete & Civil Constructions our value proposition is to provide a turnkey project solution designed to give our valued clientele a one-stop shop for everything earthworks and concrete. This means our clients have a single point of project management from the start to the finish, without having to deal with numerous different contractors and interfaces which brings inherent risks of time and cost blowouts.

Our fully trained, licensed and experience team of civil operators and certified plant and equipment means we execute our projects with in-house assets and expertise reducing our reliance on third-party providers and as a result, we can provide a price competitive service offering.

Commercial Capabilities

Fluid & Earth Concrete & Civil Constructions has a highly experienced team of experts, and the required plant and equipment to deliver large scale commercial concrete and civil earthworks projects.

From detailed earthworks to trenching and drainage, GPS Laser guided plant and leveling systems to complex steel fixing and formwork carpentry, large scale footings, to complex suspended slabs, stairwells, lift shafts and tilt panel applications, it is all done in house meaning we offer a comprehensive turnkey project solution for our valued clientele.

Polished Concrete & Exposed Aggregate

At Fluid & Earth Concrete & Civil Constructions we will provide a quality installation which will modernize and keep your home looking great all year round. To guarantee you of this, every consideration is taken on our behalf to ensure you are fully satisfied with your new decorative concrete project. All work carried out meets strict Australian building standards regulations, our company is comprehensively insured, and our workmanship guaranteed.

We pride ourselves on a friendly, professional and reliable service based on old fashioned principles of integrity, respect, trust, and honesty. Our expert team have a keen eye for the detail and will ensure our service meets and exceeds the expectations of even the most demanding of clients.

Footpaths & Driveways

At Fluid & Earth Concrete & Civil Constructions, commercial and residential footpaths and driveways are our bread and butter. We have executed many projects equating to thousands of cubic meters of concrete in both metro and remote locations, so when it comes to footpaths and driveways in both residential and commercial settings, you can be sure you are dealing with the experts.

We offer complimentary in-house earthworks services designed to offer our valued clients a turnkey project solution and the capability to deliver your project from start to finish. Our expert final trim operators and concrete specialists have an eye for the detail and will not just meet but exceed your every expectation.

Mining and Remote Projects

The Management Team at Fluid & Earth Concrete & Civil Constructions has extensive experience in delivering large scale projects in the Pilbara, Goldfields and remote Kimberly locations. Safety is a key component of the Fluid & Earth ethos and is central to everything we do. We have the capability to execute our own Safety Management Plan or that of our clients and to adhere to any unique safety requirements to maintain our impeccable safety record. The company has a comprehensive document suite ready to be tailored to project specific requirements including Project Management Plan, Project Execution Plan, Project Quality Management Plan, Traffic Management Plan and Environmental Management Plan.

Our sea containers are site ready with Traffic Management equipment, First Aid equipment, Fire Fighting Equipment, Spill Kits, Personal Protective Equipment, General Site Support Equipment and Tooling, Material Safety Data Sheets for all liquids and chemicals, and tested and tagged electrical equipment, all designed to ensure self-sufficiency whatever the project's duration.

Metro Based Commercial Projects

Strategically located in Midvale, central to Perth metro and surrounds means our services are not limited to geographical areas around Perth. In fact, we are prepared with plant and equipment to mobilize to any site in and around Perth. Our fully site ready containers and flatbed trucks mean all our mobilization is carried out in the house, reducing our reliance on third-party contractors.

We have experience in delivering commercial-sized projects such as warehouses, carparks, Churches, Schools, Colleges, shopping centers, and storage facilities. We have a proven history of partnering with our clientele to go the extra mile in service and project delivery.


Fluid & Earth Concrete & Civil Constructions have a large fleet of concrete and earthworks plant and equipment to support its projects such as;

Posi-Track Loaders, Excavators, Forklifts, Hiab Trucks, Flatbed Dual Cab Tray back trucks, Light Vehicles, Specialised tooling trailers, Allen MSP460 Ride on Hydraulic Trowels, Allen MSP215 Ride on Mechanical Trowels, Helicopter Walk Behind Power Trowels, Pressure cleaners, Full suites of concrete laying tools, Full carpentry and formwork equipment and power tools, Full steel fixing cutting, bending and tying tools, Full range of Aluminium slipform tilt-panel formwork, Huge inventory of timber formwork & shutters, Chemical application equipment, Lifting equipment, Sea containers, Mechanical services support tooling and equipment.

Our in-house capabilities mean we rely less on third-party contractors which means we can cut our costs and offer cheaper prices to our clients. Fluid & Earth Concrete & Civil Constructions is a fully commercially capable earthwork and concrete service provider, equipped and ready to mobilize anywhere in Australia to execute projects worth $50,000 to $50M.

Hanger and Sheds Capability

From your back-yard garden shed to a 747 aircraft hangar; a chicken shed coup for 4 chickens or 40,000 chickens, we have done it all and we maintain to this day that no job is too big or too small. We apply attention to detail regardless of the size of the job and will go the extra mile to ensure the job is done right the first time.

We take the time to add the necessary steel reinforcement were required to minimize the risk of cracking and to ensure your concrete application lasts, we apply plastic lining to surrounding areas, so the job is left clean and tidy and joiner tape where concrete meets all shed columns. You can be sure when you choose Fluid & Earth Concrete & Civil Constructions that your project will exceed your expectations.

Underground Tanks and Storage Facilities

At Fluid & Earth Concrete & Civil Constructions our in the house, fully trained and experienced team of civil earthworks operator’s, formwork carpenters, steel fixers, and concreters capabilities knows no bounds. We have a full fleet of earthmoving plant and equipment to execute the most complex underground earthworks and concrete applications.

Our personnel is fully supported by our Supervisors, Superintendents, Project Managers, and Engineers to ensure compliance with the most rigorous of Australian and client-specified standards, codes of practice and industry best practices.